Cancer Killing T Cells

Cancer Killing T Cells

PLEASE READ this is a very important break though for CANCER.
It proves the importance of a healthy immune system, keeping in mind that when we are under undue stress and tension our immune system shuts down. The antidote to this stress or tension is a form of relaxation or meditation. My question is……… Could relaxation and meditation CURE CANCER?? I think further studies will show that this is in fact TRUE.

Watch this link Re Mammograms It could be a Life Saver

I think that this TED Talks (See link below)  is really worth listening to,  it does offer another form of diagnostic that is not currently available.
But the importance here is that Mammography is shown to be inferior on dense breast tissue and that MRI are superior at picking up Breast Cancer, remembering that there is no radiation with MRI technology.
The new technology MBI that is talked about in this video sounds like a great and less expensive option but still has radiation and wont be available for at least the next 5 years.
I think the breast density level is important and women should be aware of it and ask their doctors after having Mammograms what their breast density is, so that if they have dense breast they should definitely look at having an MRI.