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Its a proven fact Breast MRIs pick up more BREAST CANCERS in women


Getting older should mean slowing down but does it???

The other day I had lunch with a friend and walking to the restaurant I could see the stress showing on parts of the body by the stoop and the tiny limp.  The speech of this person was fast and without breath.  I knew as a good friend I had to say something, this person was in their 60s and trying to be and act like they were 30 years.  With use of my yoga knowledge I tried to explain what is happening and the importance of balance and down time including getting back to nature, slowing down, relaxation and breathing and its importance.  It was difficult to convince this person that their busy badge should be replaced with a slowing down badge.  Even when I explained in Western science terms, what is going on inside the body at this time of life, I could see the stubborn forceful side come out in this person.

It is living proof that we just we have forgotten to listen to our bodies and our inner wisdom as we move into the senior years of our life…….