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Are we spending raised money on PREVENTION of Breast cancer??

As a breast cancer survivor I believe we are looking for a miracle cure that could be right in front of our faces. PREVENTION! take a look at our busy, sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles and the way we deal with stressful situations both mentally and physically.
If we create a generational change here involving our youth as well, I truly believe we will find the reduction in not only breast cancer but diseases in general. As disease is just a DIS EASE of the body trying to tell us to change our ways and we are simply not listening.
This could be done by simply introducing such things as Yoga practices into our lifestyle and classrooms in the form of awareness of ourselves and the world around us, breath work, relaxation and meditation along with gentle movement of the body with awareness. In other words an overall workout or time out, for the body and mind to calm and relax the nervous system and give the body and mind a chance to rest and restore its energy rather than continually depleting it

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