Why Have a Breast MRI

Because it is the MOST ACCURATE WAY OF DIAGNOSING BREAST CANCER early and therefore increasing survival rates.  Especially in younger women as their breasts are so dense that it makes Mammograms in this case not effective.

Did you know?????

  1. That most people don’t even know that Breast MRIs  Exist!
  2. Your General Practitioner, in many cases doesn’t know either!!!!
  3. Your GP cannot order this test for you, you must be referred to a specialist.  This should Change!
  4. That Breast MRIs  are the best test and most accurate test to detect breast cancer in its early stages.
  5. They are more accurate than Breast Screening (Mammogram) or an ultra sound put together
  6. That around 20% plus of breast cancers never get picked up by Mammograms and or ultra sounds
  7. Women who suffer Breast Cancer and secondary breast cancers may have been misdiagnosed in the first place
  8. They can be free through medicare if you have family history of breast cancer
  9. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with this disease and 1 in 1000 men.
  10. MRIs do not involve exposure to ionizing radiation, unlike  Mammograms so it is a non invasive test.
  11. In my case after having 2 sets of Mammograms and Ultrasounds My primary cancer was not detected till I had an MRI!!!

How to go about getting an MRI


  1. Find out whether their has been a history of Breast or ovarian cancer in your family and if you do
  2. Ring the Peter Maccallum  Clinic and ask to speak to someone in the Famileral studies centre on
    (03) 9656 1111.  Ask to be a part of their study on breast cancer and make an appointment to see them.  But while you are on the phone ask for a list of breast specialist in and around the area you live in.
  3. If you dont have a history but want to be tested in an accurate mannner, also ring the Peter Mac clinic on the above number and get a name of a breast specialist.
  4. Armed with the name of this specialist make an appt with your GP and tell them you would like to have an Mammogram and Ultrasound and would like a referral to the breast specialist of your choice.
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