How to Avoid Breast Cancer

How to avoid Breast Cancer or any Cancer or disease 

There are the standards

  1. Dont be over weight
  2. Dont drink too much alcohol
  3. Eat natural foods and stay away from processed food and take away on a regular basis
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Exercise regularly say 3 times a week for 45 min.
  6. Dont Smoke
  7. Avoid Drugs
  8. Regular mammograms

Then there are the non standards which I believe are most important

The First thing need to understand is that the mind and body work together trying to create Balance.  When it is out of balance either physically or mentally we suffer.  If we dont listen to what that suffering is and take action it turn can cause disease and pain in our mind and body, this is the body warning us.  E.G.  A person going through a bad divorce often shows signs of weight loss, loss of appetite and anxiety and depression, its all connected

Contrary to common beliefs, wearing an “I’m busy badge” all the time is not good for you mind or body.  By being busy you are putting the body into fight or flight mode constantly or as some may your are running on adrenaline all the time.  Yes your body needs a certain amount of Adrenaline or we wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning but too much of it is extremely damaging to your body and mind.  Please note….. that this adrenaline rush feeling can be addictive!  much like a drug and you can feel you cant live without it.  But you MUST!  Like all addictions the first thing you need to do is realise you have a problem

TRY This:  Next time you feel that adrenaline rush after completing job after job.  Check in with what your muscles in your body are doing, and how your are breathing.  You will most likely find your breathing is short and fast and your muscles are tense all over.  This is breathing deprives us from lack of O2 in the blood which need to drive the muscles and eventually we pass out with exhaustion .  Does this sound familiar?????

Be watchful or mindful of your stress levels.  In other words, notice what works you up and try to change that pattern INTO something that doesn’t   E.G  Someone cuts you off in traffic.  You have a choice, you can yell and scream and get all up tight or you can say to yourself, that person may have to get to the hospital to see their first baby being born!!!  Then take a breath and smile.  The second option is the best…

Be aware of your body and what it is trying to tell you.  E.G. when you have a head ache think about what might have caused it, was it all that yelling at the kids this morning with your teeth clenched firmly together????  If so make note next time you think this is about to happen and take note of the way your body reacts.  Ask yourself can I do this differently.  Apply this statement in your life often.   Will that really matter in 10 years time!!!!…….  before you get upset about something

Don’t be a Marta with your day to day life share the load.  E.G. Kids can wash dishes and cook at a young age.  If you don’t think so check out Jr Master Chef..  Husbands can work and help around the house its not illegal and they might just find their sex life improves.  Have them read this if it helps.

Try to tackle one task at a time and not too many at once.  Contrary to common beliefs women cannot do more than one thing at a time.  What they can and do is jump from one thought to another and back again quickly, which means they often do a little of everything as they seem to handle a lot more going on in their head at once.  However it is better for our bodies and mind to do one thing at a time.

Most importantly take time out when you are tired!  Don’t do what a lot of us have been taught to do and push through the tiredness, rather welcome it as a reminder to slow down and take a break.

Watch and take note of your breathing if you are breathing quickly and shallow, you are getting a lot of  oxygen in the body but little carbon dioxide and the body needs both of these in order to absorb what it needs to into the blood.  This can cause people to hyperventilate, which may result in such diseases as anxiety and depression.  The body likes to work on an equilibrium, in other words the body doesn’t like too much of one thing it prefers even amounts in order to perform efficiently.

When Breathing, try to take slow deep breaths through the nose not the mouth as nose breathing warms the air and clears the air of any imperfections before it hits your lungs.  This allows the transfer of oxygen into the blood more effectively.

Try to live in the moment rather than the past and the future.  In other words enjoy what is now e.g. When you take a walk in the park don’t do it to get to the end, slow down and enjoy the moment the trees, the smell, use all your senses.  While you are at it take the ear phones out of your ears and the mobile phone out of you hand, just enjoy where you are and what you are doing right at that moment.

Follow your passion.  Is there something you always wanted to do but haven’t??  Do you love to paint, knit, play music, act, teach, sing, fly, help people.  If you had a day you could do whatever you want what would that be? Figure out a way to follow your passion its your genius or as I like to say the GENI in US, its what we are truly put on this earth to do, that is why we are all different.  Find the passion, find the GENI.
Finally find yourself a good Yoga Teacher that incorporates relaxation, breathing and poses into their class.  If you are currently doing a class that involves 100% poses you are doing yourself an injustice.  Try to make sure the class you attend concentrates around 1/3  or more of the time on relaxation and breathing.  You will notice the benefits.


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