How to get a Breast MRI and Medicare Rebates

How to go about getting an MRI

  1. Find out whether there has been a history of Breast or ovarian cancer in your family, and if you do
  2. Ring the Peter MacCallum  Clinic and ask to speak to someone in the Famileral Studies Centre on
    (03) 9656 1111.  Ask to be a part of their study on breast cancer and make an appointment to see them.  But while you are on the phone ask for a list of their recommended breast specialist in and around the area you live in.
  3. You may have to wait sometime to see someone at Peter Mac, so that doesn’t mean you wait to see your specialist get onto that straight away.
  4. If you don’t have a history but want to be tested in an accurate manner also ring the Peter Mac clinic on the above number and get a name of a breast specialist.
  5. Armed with the name of this specialist, make an appointment ASAP with your GP and tell them you would like to have an Mammogram and Ultrasound and would like a referral to the breast specialist of your choice.
  6. Make sure you have your results of your Mammogram and Ultrasound when you head off to the specialist appointment.
  7. When you see the specialist make sure it is clear to them that you would like to have a Breast MRI and would like a referral for the test to be done preferably at Peter Mac in the City.  There are other places you can go but make sure they have 2 independent MRI specialist checking your results.  As some MRI places are money making machines and have only one person look at the results.  Two heads are better than one they say.
  8. I would personally recommend that every women have a regular MRI regardless.  The cost should be around $450 and would only need to be done once every 5 years, if you have no breast irregularities after your first test.  Paying $450 is much better than the alternative.   Keep in mind 1 in 8 women will get this disease.
  9. Medicare rebate!!  Many women do not realise that they may in fact be able to claim the cost of their Breast MRI, so do yourself a favour and check out this website to see if you are eligible. or cut and paste the below into your web brouser to go straight to the approriate page.
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