Learn to Pause!

Take a deep breath in and very slowly release it.

Now do it again and notice the PAUSE at the end and beginning of the breath.

Got it?? if not try a few times.

These PAUSES in our breath teach us we need to PAUSE in our life.

Instead of rushing from one job to the next and hyping up our nervous system  TRY THIS

After the completion of each job PAUSE take the time to acknowledge and appreciate that jobs completion.

Do this by taking a few slow breaths (approx 5), concentrating on the out breath and making it longer than the in breath and the release your body gets towards the end of the out breath

Do this a few times taking in the PAUSES in the breath.

Then decide your next task!  and repeat the process.


Cancer Killing T Cells

Cancer Killing T Cells

PLEASE READ this is a very important break though for CANCER.
It proves the importance of a healthy immune system, keeping in mind that when we are under undue stress and tension our immune system shuts down. The antidote to this stress or tension is a form of relaxation or meditation. My question is……… Could relaxation and meditation CURE CANCER?? I think further studies will show that this is in fact TRUE.